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A.C. Accounting

A.C. Accounting

     AC Accounting Solution Service (ACAS) is established by group of an ex-auditor from well-known Big4 firms, Thai CPA who have experiences in both Corporate accounting and auditing services.

     We have been focus on providing full set of accounting services including accounting, audit taxation and related services.

     As a result, we are a suitable choice for customeres who looking for an accounting firm that provide on quality of accounting services and comply with the nowadays Accounting Standards.

— Accounting Services —


Advising on accounting process and Accounting Standard

Advising on accounting process and Accounting Standard of both PAEs and NPAEs Corporate. (NPAEs-Thai Financial Reporting Standard for Non-Publicly Accountable Entities, and TFRS Thai Financial Reporting Standard)

Prepare monthly , quarterly, and annually financial statements

(Depending on the requirement of each entities) which comprise of the following items:

  • The statements of financial position (Balance sheet); it presents assets, liabilities, and equity.
  • Income statements; it presents revenue, cost, expenses and net profit/loss.
  • Reconciliation of account balances
  • Fixed asset register.
  • Monthly reconciliation between sale report and PP.30.

Prepare management report

  • Performance / Analysis report
  • Aging report
  • Financial ratio
  • Other report (speific report)


— Audit Services —


  • Interim and Yearly audit of Financial Statement including issueing report
  • Design and conduct interim audit and year ended audit including recommend and issue deficiency of internal controls.


— Tax Services —


  • Commercial registration
    • Corporate
    • Partnership
    • Ordinary person
  • Prepare Monthly submitted forms of Withholding tax (PND.1, 3, 53, 54, PP.36) and Value Added Tax (PP.30) to the Revenue Department.
  • Prepare PND.51 (for the half year corporate income tax) and PND.50 (for the annual corporate income tax).
  • Prepare PND.91, PND.90 for personal income tax.
  • Prepare PND.1 kor (Total personal income tax and salary of employees for a year) submitted to the Revenue Department.
  • Prepare Monthly Submitted forms of Social Security to the Social Security Department.


— Payroll Outsourcing —


  • Calculate and prepare payroll report, pay slip for employees.
  • Calculated related taxation and social security.

Required Document:

  • Detail of monthly employee salaries , working hours , overtimes and other welfares


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